Buying Guide

A lady can never do away with her handbag… that humble handbag which is much more than a piece of leather and zippers stitched together. Handbags are much more than an accessory, Jewelry or clothes. They are ladies’ best friend even though some said its gold and diamond, but those ladies never owned a perfect handbag J

It’s the one thing without which wardrobe isn’t attractive enough and no outfit sexy enough…. It’s a missing piece that complements a dazzling outfit, reflects your image, and creates a head-turner effect.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong with buying the perfect handbag. However, it’s not plain simple, and straightforward as it seems, in-fact women get the right handbag after lots of trial and error. We at Bag Mystique have put together an ultimate handbag buying guide so that you are never clueless when it comes to buying the most beloved accessory for your wardrobe.

Our buying guide will take you through the journey by introducing you to the most prominent types of lady’s bags and then highlighting key aspects which need to be taken into consideration when buying one.

Types of Handbags

The figure below illustrates four broad level bag categories and the most prominent types of lady’s bags available under category:

Evening Bags


A small, compact, and rectangular-shaped bag designed to be held in hand or carry over the shoulder for versatile styling. An essential part of women’s wardrobe that adds a chic and sophisticated touch to your outfit.

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Often confused with Clutch as it just shaped like one however the major difference being that it has a long handle or strap to wrap around the wrist as compared to Clutch which has a strap to carry over the shoulder

Envelop Clutch

A specific type of clutch that resembles a classic clutch. It usually has a triangular flap top which differentiates it from the classic clutch


A hard cased, decorative, and oblong-shaped evening bag generally considered to be a piece of Jewelry. They are usually embellished with beads, jewels, crystals, or glitter. It’s mostly used during the evening events and can be widely seen at one of those glittering Oscars

Day to Night Bag

Cross Body Bag

Combines elements of style and practicality. It’s characterized by an extra-long strap thus making it possible to loop over one’s shoulder, across the body, and rests on the waist.  They are available in a wide variety of size, color, and materials therefore buying the right one for you isn’t a big deal.

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Flap Bag

As the name suggests, a flap bag is characterized by folding flap closure in the front. It’s a classic and timeless bag introduced by Coco Chanel (The founder of the Chanel brand) after being inspired by military satchels worn in the 1920s. Today it has become quite a feature in other designers’ collection and is available in a variety of styles and colors

Bucket Bag

Need something for a casual evening and roomy enough to carry all of your essential belongings; meet the bucket bag. Its distinctive feature includes an open top with a drawstring closure. Its flat bottom keeps it in shape and allowing it to sit in an upright position without being tipping over to the sides

Box Bag

Classic, elegant, luxurious and sophisticated are the kind of superlatives that does justice to box bag. Made popular by labels such as Louis Vuitton and Mark Cross and currently rocking the arms of Rihanna and Harley Viera-Newton. Box bag is reminiscent of luxe leather travel bags of the 19th century and is characterized by its box-like appearance with a top handle.

Everyday Bags


In today’s fast-paced world, working on the move is no brainer and more often you have to carry your laptop on the go and that’s where the Satchel comes into play. Satchel brings you the best of both worlds by being practical enough to carry your laptop and fashionable enough to receive people’s admiration. It has a flat bottom, and the back extends to form a flap that folds over the top and fastens in the front.

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Tote Bag

A large, spacious bag typically unfastened with long handles emerging from either side of the bag. It’s appropriate for the office and after-work outings.

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Hobo Bag

Trademarked by its half-moon shape, soft leather, and a long strap designed to be worn over the shoulder. It usually has a large main compartment with a closure. These handbags are casual and can easily go with any everyday outfit

Canteen Bag

A canteen bag is an unorthodox, shaped bag characterized by its circular shape and a long strap to make it function like a cross-body bag. The first-choice material for canteen bag has been leather but are also widely available in woven basket form

Sports/Outdoors and Travel Bag


Backpack rests on your back while being supported by shoulders through straps. Quite ideal for outdoor activities due to being spacious and practical (leaving your hands free). Recently there has been a surge in its popularity due to being better for posture as compared to other bags. This wide stream popularity has led to it being available in chic and elegant styles.

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Duffle Bag

A large bag ideal for traveling and sports gear. They can also be used as a quick getaway bag 


Beach Bag

A perfect bag for a trip to the beach or one of those lazy afternoons in the summer around the pool. It’s spacious enough to carry towels, suntan lotions, etc. It’s made up of sturdy and water-resistant canvas.

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